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Ensuring Your Relationship Is, And Continues To Be, Happy & Fulfilling

I mentioned many times in my work with clients how important it is to ensure that you have good communication with your partner, wife, husband or boy/girl friend.

What I mean by good communication is that you are not only speaking your mind, in an open and honest way, but that you're doing it with a lack of judgment and blame towards the other person.

mysteries of communication - solved with text your ex back

Because communication isn't just about what you say -- it's also about what you hear -- and in communication that is open and honest, reflective listening is absolutely vital.

It's reflective listening that demonstrates that you're observing and respecting the other person's point of view and opinion, without denying them the right to hold it.

Video about reflective listening.


Defensiveness and aggression during a conversation are almost always entirely due to the fact that what somebody is saying is triggering an active part of your subconscious shadow -- that is to say, the part of yourself that you hide, repress and deny.

Coming from a defensive position, the part of yourself that you hide, repress and deny is clearly not going to enable good communication about the current issues that you and your partner face.

It's this defensiveness, this aggressiveness, and this lack of empathy, which is  responsible for relationships going "belly up" to use the vernacular expression.

What I mean in practice is that relationships fail because people can't communicate with each other in a way that allows each of them to respect the other's point of view.

Instead they get trapped into a cycle of poor communication, mutual blame and recrimination. But how can you get out of this?

This could be particularly important if your relationship has broken up, and you want to re-establish communication and good relationship with your ex-partner.

Yet if your communication is all about aggressive blame and justification, defensiveness and criticism, lack of openness and lack of trust, then you're certainly not going to get very far towards reconciliation!

Obviously one option is to go on a training course that will enable you to learn how to communicate effectively with your partner! That might however be a little bit expensive for most of us.

Another option perhaps, is to go on get to psychotherapy or counseling -- but the same problem applies -- it's too expensive!

However, one option which people can take is that of buying in Internet program which offers salient advice about great communication -- and needless to say, as you might have expected, I have a recommendation in this regard!

It's called Text Your Ex Back by Mike Fiore, who has written other online programs that you may have heard of called Text the romance back and Text your wife into bed. (No kidding! It's all about Romance!)

One of the differences between text your ex back and his other programs is that this is specifically designed to work on relationships that have broken up, giving you the means -- potentially, at least -- to re-establish relationship with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Text Your Ex Back comes with an entire series of communication hints and suggestions which should enable you to establish an open line of communication that was previously missing.

It's available widely across the Internet, and I recommend it to many of my clients because it can teach them about relationships in a practical way far more quickly than I can: that is to say, Mike Fiore presents a way of being effective in re-establishing relationship with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend by using text messaging, or SMS messaging.

And it's no mystery why that works! It works because it avoids the mutual blame and recrimination of face-to-face communication that (ex-) partners who are still angry with each other may well experience. As a means for opening lines of communication in a relationship that you really want to re-establish, it's well worth trying. After all, if you want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, what have you got to lose? (Without being flippant, the answer to that is$49.95!)

Weight Loss

Video About The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor by John Barban, author of the Adonis Golden Ratio (a dieting program for men who want to look good), is a diet program for women which actually relies on sound scientific principles, safe and well proven techniques, and personalized regimes which ensure there is no danger of overtraining, crash dieting, starvation, or any other ill effect from trying to lose weight quickly.

Now although all this may sound too good to be true, the fact of the matter is that diets based on sound scientific principles have been around for a long time -- it's just that the popular imagination seems to have been caught by fads and fantasies such as the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, the grapefruit diet, and so on.

It is a rather sad tribute to the -- well, is the word desperation? -- of people who want to lose weight that these fads have swept the world, and yet, obesity is still at record proportions, and people's dissatisfaction with their bodies seems to know no bounds.

Yet what is noticeable about the Venus Factor is that those people who have actually tried it all report outstanding success -- or, to be more accurate, a far higher proportion of them report outstanding success than with any other diet plan that I am aware of on the market.

When you achieve this level of success in a field as controversial and as widespread as dieting and weight loss, you have to ask what's going on - what makes this stand out so much from the crowd!

The answer seems to be that the Venus Factor is based on scientific principles, and offers an individual program which is tailored specifically to the needs of every woman who engages with the program. Read more about it here:

The Scientific Principles Behind The Venus Factor

And this is actually very simple to explain -- it relies on the activity of the hormone leptin, which is the body's natural hormone for weight loss. It's a hormone which actually causes fat to burn off from the body. Leptin draws fat out of the body's fat stores in response to a calorie deficit.

You might think that this can be achieved just by eating less, but the sad fact of the matter is that the body's hormone, leptin, which should in most cases switch on the release of fat from the fat stores, often fails to operate correctly.

This leads to the body falling back on "consumption" of its own muscle tissue, and great discomfort and hunger for the person who is trying to lose weight.

When you increase the body's sensitivity to leptin, you can actually lose weight much more easily, and it is on this simple idea that the whole philosophy of the Venus Factor is based.

Well; of course, "one scientific principle does not a diet make", because while that is simple enough to achieve, it's still considerably harder than you might imagine to lose weight quickly.

The fact of the matter is that to lose fat, no matter how sensitive your body may be to leptin, and no matter what you may have done to manipulate that sensitivity, you have to engage in a program of consistent exercise and a calorie deficient diet for your body to lose its fat stores - surely the objective of every dieter's plans? (Read about leptin here.)

Calorie deficit is very simple: it means consuming fewer calories than you actually use in your everyday life. The deficit is compensated for by the fat releases from your body's tissues.

But some people have fat stores in different areas of the body -- you only have to think of the variation between body shapes to see how true this is -- and some people will lose fat far more quickly than others. For every individual who is trying to diet there is an optimum rate of weight loss, and an optimum exercise program which will cause the fat to disappear from their body at the fastest rate possible.

One of the great aspects of the Venus Factor, perhaps the aspect which makes it more unique than any other diet program around today, is that John Barban, the author, has tapped into fast ways of losing weight, quick ways of losing the fatty tissue, no matter what part of the body you may want to lose it from. And he offers  an exercise program that specifically designed to the needs of every individual user of his program.

That sounds like an extraordinary achievement -- and it is! But the fact remains that every single user of the Venus Factor gets an individual diet program and an individual exercise program which shows precisely what they should be doing at every moment of the 12 week program.

If you're wondering how this can be achieved, the answer is very simple: it's achieved by the use of a computer, which is programmed using certain basic information such as body measurements and weight, and a few simple questions  relate to lifestyle and physiology, in response to which the computer software will produce a program that is designed specifically for the exercise and nutritional requirements of the person concerned.

It's a truly remarkable diet, and not least because motivation is attended to as well as the physiology of the routine of weight loss.

What I mean by that is that when you analyze why people fail in diets, you often find that the major reason is because they lack motivation. And they lack motivation because they are doing it alone, without support, trying to succeed where others have failed before them, and without the advice and support of an expert.

Of course the Venus Factor has plenty of experts -- not least in the shape of John Barban, but it also has many other experts, in the form of experienced and well informed community members.

And "community" isn't just another word for a discussion forum -- it's actually a well-designed forum which has trained advisers on hand who can help newbies -- or, for that matter, experienced members -- with any questions that they may have around the process of losing weight. Make no mistake about it, this is a system that actually really helps people to lose weight fast, and it supports them in everything they're doing.

Now clearly individual opinions about things like diets and weight loss plans depend to some degree on how successful they have been for the people who are talking about them!

I mean, we all recommend things that have succeeded for us, and tend to opine against things which have not succeeded for us ... so I just want to include a couple of photographs before and after of a very good friend of mine, who swears by this program....before and after pics shown below....

....not least because she has had an entirely new social life -- not just on the community forum -- but in person -- since she started training and exercising under John Barban's instruction.

Furthermore, it's worth pointing out that she tells me she's never felt so happy, fulfilled, and confident because she now -- perhaps the first time in her life -- believes that she actually looks attractive. And who could argue with that?